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Bulli Roadtrip along Portugals coastline

Doing a road trip with a cute van has always been a dream. Isn´t it a most romantic plan, to just follow the coastline and stop whenever and wherever you want?

During our research for a van we found Siesta Campers on the internet. They have a bunch of campervans that they rent out all year around and as soon as we saw the vans we immediately felt in love. So we thought it is time to stop thinking how it would be, instead we packed our bags, flew to Portugal and picked up the most beautiful little Volkswagen camper-van we have ever seen! The owners are really nice, explained us all the important things to know before doing a road trip like this and met up with is in Faro where they left us the van for a week.

We started our Bulli adventure from Faro and headed up to Lisboa where we returned the van. This time we didn´t planned our trip in every detail because we wanted to stay spontaneously. While we were road tripping along the coastline we found beautiful spots where we could stay overnights. Surrounded by nothing else than nature. To spent the night right on the cliffs, high above the Atlantic ocean. Nothing more to say! It was one of our most amazing experiences.

Thanks to the App park4nightwe found some really beautiful and quite spots for wild camping. We pretty much enjoyed those rare places and always made sure to leave no footprint. That´s what we really take care of and want to sensitize everybody to do so, too.

We are working on a little map to share our amazing camping spots with you. For now, we take you on our adventurous trip by pictures. Let’s go!